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50 mg of trazodone for sleep deprivation/hypersomnia). The dose was increased from 0.1 mg/kg to 0.2 for sleep deprivation/hypersomnia. The dose was increased from 0.3 mg/kg to 0.4 for panic disorder (total 2 pills); the dose was increased from 0.5 mg/kg to 0.6 for social phobia. Sleep restriction The dose was increased from 0.004 mg/m2 to 0.016 (total 5 pills). Clinical efficacy During the clinical intervention, patients experienced significant improvement compared with the baseline value (Table 2). Table 2: Clinical efficacy (assessed with the Montgomery Asberg Depression Rating Scale) No. with response 95% CI p Value Treatment N% Age and sex Age, y 46.6 (14.4) 47.3 (16.6) 51.9 (18.1) 51.3 (17.7) Men 22 40 38 35 46 Depression 30 47 34 57 43 Social phobia 25 33 52 45 Trazodone 24 51 33 54 40 Zolpidem 20 55 32 57 trazodone for sleep issues 44 Fentanyl 20 67 33 51 45 Sertraline 20 59 35 43 36 Placebo 20 62 34 49 41 Sex and age Females 22 47 33 35 49 Males 28 38 42 53 Treatment N% Total n (%) Age and sex Age, y 46.7 (10 years) 45.6 (15.9) 47.6 (12.4) 46.3 (15.3) 40.1 (17.6) Depression 28 47 34 57 43 Social phobia 22 49 33 54 45 Trazodone 25 67 33 51 45 Zolpidem 20 55 32 57 44 Fentanyl 20 67 33 51 45 Sertraline 20 59 35 43 36 Placebo 20 62 34 49 41 Sex and age Females 22 41 37 42 51 Males 28 43 57 Response-rate of response (%) 95% CI p Value Treatment N% Total n (%) Any sleep 7 33 45 46 54 58 Yes 0 1 Slight sleep 7 33 45 46 54 58 Mild sleep 7 33 45 46 54 58 Severe Trazodone 100mg $217.95 - $0.81 Per pill 9 29 42 43 Trazodone uk buy 57 55 Hypersomnia 7 33 45 46 54 58 Insomnia 7 33 45 46 54 58 Drug use and sleep loss None 7 25 36 40 56 69 Any time 7 25 36 40 56 69 Any amount 7 25 36 40 56 69 Any dose 7 25 36 40 56 69 Open in a separate window Treatment-related adverse effects No serious adverse effects were reported within the first 3 months of treatment, which included all common adverse effects (adverse events) reported during clinical trials for antidepressants, with the exception of increase in weight (average gain at baseline: 0.23 kg for trazodone with 1 mg/mL fluvoxamine compared to 0.12 kg for trazodone with placebo) (Table 3). The incidence of weight gain was significantly greater in patients assigned to trazodone (6.1% vs 0.9%, P=0.005) and in the active arms (6.3% vs 0.9%). Table 3: Adverse effects, as reported during study treatment No. Adverse effects, N (%) Placebo 731 Trazodone 721 Sertraline 725 over the counter version of trazodone Zolpidem 724 Fluvoxamine 720 Placebo/trazodone/sertraline 552 Sertraline/zolpidem 517 Zolpidem/Sertraline 459 N (%) Any 649 (4.7) 718 (6.6) 816 (3.3) 831 (3.1) 0.23 (0.11) 0.05 (0.05) 0.21 (0.21) Duration of response, y 0.8 (0.6–1.3; n=8) 0.6 (0.5–0.7; n=12) 0.7 (0.6–0.8; 0.5 (0.6–0.

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